Illustration of 120 Bales stacked in 60 Minutes

You're In Charge

It's all about your time. With the new Reman Balestacker models, one operator can now retrieve bales from the field quickly and confidently at speeds up to 120 bales an hour.
Maintain the quality of your bales, maximize your field's potential, while also minimizing your labour costs - the Reman Balestacker puts you in charge.
Illustration of Bales stacked on and off the strings

Stack On or Off the Strings

Producers often debate the merits of which way to stack bales. With the Reman Balestacker, you can change your mind with every bale - right from the cab with no manual adjustments required. With the flip of a switch you decide how the bales will stack.
Closeup photo of bale clamp and table

Stay On Track

The Reman Balestacker picks up bales along the same path as your baler so you don't have to dance across fields to grab your big loads. The heavy duty trailer chassis makes the ride even smoother with tandem walking beam axles for maximum stability. Work smarter and confidently with your Reman Balestacker.

Learn More

Find out why the Reman Balestacker is the best choice for retrieving and stacking your bales on our How It Works page. Click on the videos to the right to see the various Balestacker models in action.

Balestacker Videos

Action photo of Model 1012
Action photo of Model 1018R
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